What To Do When Hiring A Drone Operator

Aerial_Photography_of_Langley_Park_Perth_Western_Australia_May_2012Aerial filming and photography has made it too much easy for preparing a documentary in rocky areas, making real estate ads and many other things that weren’t possible earlier. You’ll find a drone with nice camera fixed with it on a reasonable price around 1K pound. And that’s okay for personal usage and exploration but if it’s a professional project you’re going to work on then you need to hire a professional drone operator. You might be good at flying the gadget very well and can manage to take few shots up in the air but a professional is expert. Don’t know how to hire a professional drone operator? Keep on reading to find out!

Ask About Experience:

You need to schedule a meeting with few professionals near you. You can do this by visiting their websites like http://skyflyvideo.co.uk/ As you get few names of expert drone operators for your aerial filming project, make sure to check if they are experienced or not. This is essential to hire an experienced person to get the job done because he can recommend you even more ideas than you already have in mind to cover that documentary, clip or whatever your need is.

Ask about his working experience and since how many years he’s been in the industry. In fact, you need to ask a little further about the industry portion. As people hire drone operators for different needs like covering a documentary, in making of a movie scene or even a realtor may approach drone operators to shot a specific property from the sky. So knowing which particular task he’s been doing the most will make your work easy in selecting the right person.

Inquire About Camera Output:

The next important thing you should ask is what technology the person is using currently. Usually, a professional has all the latest camera and drone technologies to serve the purpose in best way. But asking about it beforehand can save you from any complications. Tell him nature of your project so that he can suggest you the right camera to get the job done easily. For small projects like real estate clips, low level drones can work well but if the nature varies to greater level so does the need of using a high level of drone and camera rises.

Ask For Backups:

As there’s no guarantee of life itself then how can you rely on single equipment arrangements? there might be a breakage during transition or the drone may face high volume of wind or collide with any object during takeoff landing accidentally. So it’s always better to go with a plan B to avoid such situation. Ask the operator if he has a backup plan that a good operator always have. A professional is familiar with such risks as mentioned earlier so they always start shooting with alternative cameras and drones.

Look For Certification:

One important thing that you should look while hiring a drone operator is if he’s accredited from CAA that stands for Civil Aviation Authority. It is essential to work with a licensed professional who can guide you through different aspects of using drones and aerial filming equipments under different state laws.

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