General Videographers VS Specialized Videographers

In the videography industry, there are thousands of videographers to choose from. However, they can be generalized into two kinds. There are general videographers and specialized videographers. In your locality, you can even find both of these kinds of videographers. And in case you are planning to hire a professional videographer to cover your event, you might face a tough choice between a general videographer and specialized videographer.


To help you choose between the two, here are several comparisons which can guide you in knowing which one is best for your event.
1. Availability – The difference of having only 3 or less options to several options can be significant. Those with less competition will tend to offer their services for a higher rate while those with hundreds of competition within the area will fight for the client and would often offer their services lower than regular prices. Having more options can definitely help you select the best videographer to hire.
2. Experience – Depending on the area of operation, general videographers would have a vast experience in covering different events. However, specialized videographers have intensive experience on a particular event.
3. Expertise – General videographers can cover almost any kind of event. They have the basic knowledge and training in videography and can adopt accordingly. On the other hand, a specialized videographer is unrivaled when it comes to the event it specialized on but little to no knowledge with other type of events.
4. Type of Event – The type of event you are hosting will be crucial in choosing between general or specialized events. If the event you are planning to host requires special attention and there are several specialized videographers which cover that kind of event, then the best choice would be hiring a specialized videographer. However, if there is no videographer which specialized your event, the best bet would be hiring a general videographer since they can apply the multiple experiences they gathered to come up with the best approach in covering your event.
5. Quality – When comparing the quality of work for an event between a general videographer and a videographer which specialized the event, the specialized videographer will have an advantages unless they are covering an event they aren’t specialized in. However, for common events, the difference might not be noticeable.
6. Packages – Specialized videographers offer packages which highlight slight variation on coverage in a particular event. Meanwhile, general videographers vary their packages by the type of event.
7. Price – Specialized videographers are slightly expensive compared to general videographers. General videographers might be the right choice for you if your budget is limited. However, if money is not the problem, hiring a specialized local videographer (I personally recommend Paul Hubbard) is the best way to go.
When choosing the videographer to hire, always consider the things above in order to narrow down your search and help you move in the right tract.