General Videographers VS Specialized Videographers

In the videography industry, there are thousands of videographers to choose from. However, they can be generalized into two kinds. There are general videographers and specialized videographers. In your locality, you can even find both of these kinds of videographers. And in case you are planning to hire a professional videographer to cover your event, you might face a tough choice between a general videographer and specialized videographer. wedding-video21To help you choose between the two, here are several comparisons which can guide you in knowing which one is best for your event.
1. Availability – The difference of having only 3 or less options to several options can be significant. Those with less competition will tend to offer their services for a higher rate while those with hundreds of competition within the area will fight for the client and would often offer their services lower than regular prices. Having more options can definitely help you select the best videographer to hire.
2. Experience – Depending on the area of operation, general videographers would have a vast experience in covering different events. However, specialized videographers have intensive experience on a particular event.
3. Expertise – General videographers can cover almost any kind of event. They have the basic knowledge and training in videography and can adopt accordingly. On the other hand, a specialized videographer is unrivaled when it comes to the event it specialized on but little to no knowledge with other type of events.
4. Type of Event – The type of event you are hosting will be crucial in choosing between general or specialized events. If the event you are planning to host requires special attention and there are several specialized videographers which cover that kind of event, then the best choice would be hiring a specialized videographer. However, if there is no videographer which specialized your event, the best bet would be hiring a general videographer since they can apply the multiple experiences they gathered to come up with the best approach in covering your event.
5. Quality – When comparing the quality of work for an event between a general videographer and a videographer which specialized the event, the specialized videographer will have an advantages unless they are covering an event they aren’t specialized in. However, for common events, the difference might not be noticeable.
6. Packages – Specialized videographers offer packages which highlight slight variation on coverage in a particular event. Meanwhile, general videographers vary their packages by the type of event.
7. Price – Specialized videographers are slightly expensive compared to general videographers. General videographers might be the right choice for you if your budget is limited. However, if money is not the problem, hiring a specialized Essex videographer is the best way to go.
When choosing the videographer to hire, always consider the things above in order to narrow down your search and help you move in the right tract.

How To Choose The Perfect Photo Booth For Corporate Events

Photo booths has not only become a trend to weddings, birthdays, reunions and anniversary celebrations but also become an increasing trend in corporate events. Though major corporate events still hire or attract photographers to take all the important photos as well as use video equipment to capture the whole event, some corporate events are considering the use of photo booths during the event due to the advantages they provide.

Photo booth provides (OMG! Photo Booth Hire / London) a refreshing experience for guests during these events. It serves as an alternative way to spend time while waiting for the corporate event to start. Friends, acquaintances and colleagues also find it fun to experience photo booths together. Pictures are immediately available for the guests to have after the photo shoot.

Event coordinators have several criteria in choosing the perfect photo booth for the corporate event. Here are the things they consider in choosing one.

  1. Seeing the real deal – It is not enough to see images of the photo booth. The important thing is to see the actual photo booth. This will give you an accurate picture whether the photo booth will be perfect for the event.
  2. Check printing results – Though photo booths allow you to see the image captured in the screen, it is important to check the printed image more than anything. The quality of the printed copy is far more significant than the quality of the image displayed in the screen for guests will be bringing home the printed copies. The options for the printed photo should also be considered. You should check if the photo booth can only take single shots, multiple shots and even continuous shots and if it is possible to get the photo strip fast enough to avoid delay.
  3. Test the photo booth – Though printing result is important, the experience that the guests will have in using the photo booth is equally vital. The purpose of having a photo booth aside from providing convenient souvenirs is to let the guests enjoy using it. Test the actual usage of the photo booth from the feel if it is comfortable up to the convenience in using the booth. The size is also important since corporate event would include company staff who know each other and more likely to have groups photos taken in the booth.
  4. Check the contractor’s reputation – Photo booth rentals should have serve in several events already. Try to check for reviews from past customers to get an idea of the quality of service the photo booth company provides.
  5. Make sure the booth is perfect for the event – If the corporate event has a theme, the photo booth should match the aesthetics of the event. You should also decide whether to use an open or closed photo booth depending on the guests and their preferences.
  6. Customize the appearance of the photo booth – It is important to ask the provider whether they will allow you to modify some things with the photo booth especially the appearance to create a sense of exclusiveness. Corporate events are also promoting the brand or business of the host so it is important to be able to put something that represents the brand in the photo booth.

Whatever you will choose, just remember that photo booths should provide a fun way to spend time for the guests while giving them a convenient means to secure souvenirs for the event.